Flexible charge cards with built-in collections, compliance, and capital

Instantly open accounts with custom credit limits

Programmatically create accounts for your clients, set a credit limit, and issue virtual, physical, and tokenized cards to their employees. Simplify statementing by tracking all spend against your client's aggregate credit limit and balance.

Automated balance tracking and repayment

Leverage Lithic's native banking core to automatically decline transactions that would cause balances to exceed credit limits, and collect repayments when they are due. Lithic will adjust repayments to factor in early payments and late fees.

Customized transaction authorization rules

Add custom logic and decisions to each transaction with Lithic's Authorization Stream Access

Configurable repayment terms and ACH

Set your own billing period, payment terms, and other customizations such as the display of your company name in ACH transactions

Credit Pillars

Lithic supports the key pillars of the credit stack, while giving partners the flexibility to own the underwriting risk. Lithic can help facilitate capital required for the program.



Lithic abstracts the underlying complexity of card issuing and transaction processing away with a simple, intuitive API.

Loan Servicing

A system of record is required to track balances, manage repayments, and other core functions. Use Lithic's native core or bring your own.



Programs typically lend off their balance sheet, or use third party capital from banks, warehouse lenders, or capital markets.


Choose from a rich ecosystem of credit data providers, and build credit models alongside other real-time asset pricing models.

Bank Partner

Lender of Record

Typically, capital flows through a Bank acting as lender of record with appropriate licensing and registration in order for the loan to be originated in a compliant way. This is typically provided by the BIN sponsor, or by the program itself under state licensing rules.

Full Stack

Fully Automated

  • Bank Settles with the Network

    Lithic provides a lender of record (a partner bank) who pays the networks on behalf of the credit program
  • Lithic Collects Repayments
    On the payment due date, Lithic automatically collects repayments from clients on behalf of the program via ACH
  • Program is Funded
    Repayments are released after a four business-day hold period back to the program

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Following hot on the heels of our Java client library, we’re excited to announce our Kotlin client library