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June 14, 2023

Fraud Detection 101

You know your fraudsters—the thieves, the con artists, the opportunists. You know how these bad actors steal and fabricate identities to take over accounts and unleash chaos. The question is how you can protect your organization and your customers from falling victim to fraud.
June 14, 2023

Fraud Detection 101 Q&A With Zach Pierce

This Q&A is part of the Fraud Fighters Manual, a collective set of stories from Fintech fraud fighters. Read Zach Pierce’s chapter on Fraud Detection 101 here, and download your copy of the Fraud Fighters Manual here to read the full version.
April 4, 2023

What is Interchange? How Fintechs Earn Interchange Revenue from Credit and Debit Cards

Interchange is a major revenue driver for many fintechs.Companies that offer card products are growing revenue rapidly and securing massive valuations, such as Brex ($12.3B valuation) and Ramp ($8.1B valuation). Much of that revenue growth is due to interchange.
March 7, 2023

How to run an effective RFP process for card issuing solutions + Template

In this guide, you’ll learn how to evaluate card issuing providers and issuer processors, which criteria to include in your RFP, and get access to a downloadable card issuing RFP template.
November 30, 2022

Fintech Guide to Bank Identification Numbers (BINs)

When you’re building a card program, one of the first major sets of decisions you’ll make is around Bank Identification Number (BIN) sponsorship.
November 17, 2022

Guide to Maximizing Interchange Revenue

This guide explores how to maximize interchange on four types of card programs (prepaid, charge, credit, and debit).
October 25, 2022

Fintech Guide to Bank Partners and Sponsors

Bank partnerships are a critical part of most US fintech offerings. In this guide, we'll help you navigate the process of selecting a sponsor bank partner for your fintech.
September 27, 2022

Fintech Guide to Physical Cards

Pre-empting issues with a robust plan for your physical card program will facilitate launching a successful program and prevent go-to-market delays.
August 11, 2022

Consumer Card Constructs

This guide will define, explain, and help differentiate the various types of consumer card constructs fintech companies can launch.
July 13, 2022

Guide to Digital Wallets and Tokenized Cards

In this guide, we explain how digital wallets work and break down the step-by-step process required to offer a digital wallet compatible card.