Flexible, Enterprise-Grade Card Issuing

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Business Banking
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Integrate card payments without compromise

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Technical integration developers love

Intuitive and RESTful API with detailed documentation. API libraries (SDKs) in multiple languages for faster development.

Robust testing environment for peace of mind

Sandbox environment and simulation endpoints for thorough testing. Demo environment available for MVPs.

Designed to go as fast as you need us to

Streamlined implementations, pre-approved constructs, tight collaboration with partners, and a dedicated team to help you launch.

Flexible card issuing makes customization possible

Create your ideal customer experience by customizing your funds flow, authorization logic, onboarding flows, and more.

Everything you need to make it happen

See how your cards can fit your use case

Comprehensive Card Issuance

  • Virtual, physical, and tokenized cards
  • Prepaid, debit, and credit card BINs
  • Direct connections to Visa and Mastercard
  • Issuer processing and program management

Advanced Payment Controls

  • Real-time authorization decisioning
  • Transaction, cardholder, and account level spend controls
  • Single-use and merchant-locked cards

Program Management

  • BIN sponsorship
  • Card printing and fulfillment
  • Flexible KYC and KYB
  • PCI-compliant iFrame solution
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Dispute management

We’re helping our customers grow

Lithic has been a game changer for our business. We're able to securely send payments nationwide and scale our team with each coordinator processing 50% more requests than before Privacy.

Dana Dunford, CEO
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We got up and running with live transactions in days instead of months. Enrollment only took a few minutes and the API was easy to integrate with. And the additional revenue stream was a great bonus.

TrüNorth Warranty
Tam Ayers, CTO

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