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Issuing processing for technology companies that just works
  • Lithic has been a best-in-class partner. They’ve been reliable, intuitive, and customer-focused, and their modular approach has enabled us to handle scale with ease. All of that has meant using Lithic for new card products was an easy decision.
  • Catherine Unertl
    Catherine Unertl
    Head of Financial Partnerships at Mercury
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Build with a complete toolkit

Everything you need to build the credit, debit, or prepaid product you want
Virtual Card Issuance​

Programmatically generate transaction-ready virtual cards by making simple API calls. ​

Physical Card Issuance​

Issue templated or customized physical cards. Our partners provide card printing, shipping, and handling.

Complete Digital
Wallet Control

Configure your cards to be added to popular digital wallets and enable in-app push provisioning.

Money Movement

Initiate same-day and next-day ACH with routable virtual bank accounts.

Industry-Leading Dispute Management

A support team with a 96% win rate. Our Disputes API streamlines workflow and chargeback credits.

Authorization Decisioning

Build custom authorization logic to accept or decline transactions in real-time using rich transaction data.

To-The-Penny Reconciliation

Settlement and interchange details for all transactions via the API. Create reconciliation reports teams and banks love.


Use our pre-built KYC and KYB modules or bring your own. Lithic works seamlessly with your existing set-up


Identify and decline potentially fraudulent transactions with transaction-level fraud-risk scores and 3DS.

Spend Controls

Apply spend controls at transaction, cardholder, and account levels to restrict volume, MCCs, and more.


Protect customers’ info by using Lithic’s PCI-compliant iFrame solution, and reduce your PCI DSS requirements.

Configurable 3DS

Ensure high card acceptance and control by letting Lithic decision on 3DS transactions or doing it yourself


  • Lithic was born of our own technical needs when we launched a virtual card product in 2014. From day one, we experienced first-hand how painful APIs, documentation, dashboards, and customer support could be if executed poorly.
Full-Featured Sandbox
OpenAPI Spec
Restful APIs
Rich Documentation
Issuing Guides
Webhooks & Events
Status Page
20min Quick-Start
High Availability
Technical Support
Dedicated Slack Channel
import Lithic from 'lithic';

const lithic = new Lithic({
  apiKey: 'my api key',
  environment: 'sandbox',

async function main() {
  const params: Lithic.CardCreateParams = {
    type: 'VIRTUAL'
  const card: Lithic.Card =


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Issuing processing for technology companies that just works