Risk Management

A true system of record for your accounts and payments

bank accounts

3D-Secure (3DS)

By using Lithic’s 3DS Decisioning tools to intelligently authenticate transactions, card programs can increase purchase authorization rates without taking on unnecessary fraud-liability risk. Benefit from new data on cardholders, their devices, and buying patterns powered by smarter identity authentication.

Tokenization Control

Manage and manipulate tokenized card information with unprecedented precision. Create, revoke, and customize tokens on demand, gaining full control over how and when tokenized data is used.

Transaction Monitoring

Effortlessly track and analyze transactional activity to detect suspicious patterns, anomalies, and potential fraud. Utilize our algorithms that continuously monitor transaction data, flagging any deviations from normal behavior and triggering alerts for further investigation.

PCI Compliance

Use Lithic’s tools to access necessary cardholder information without falling under the PCI scope. With an embedded iframe solution as well as a JSON workflow, we have what you need to launch and scale.

Chargeback Management

Seamlessly file and manage chargebacks at scale with Lithic’s API or Dashboard. Utilize our API to initiate, get information on, and withdraw disputes. With Lithic’s dedicated chargeback fighting team and industry-leading chargeback win rates, you’ll save time and money.

Automated Balance Tracking

A system of record for balances and transactions, designed to be paired with Lithic Gateway for card issuing and processing.

Instant Account Opening

Programmatically create accounts for your clients directly on Lithic's Core. Create multiple virtual or routable accounts for a single client to simplify reconciliation.

Direct ACH Network Integration

Initiate ACH originations via API and Lithic will upload ACH files directly to the ACH network six times a day, taking advantage of all Fed windows to optimize your funds flow.

Bank Partner Visibility

Enable your bank partner to view and monitor your activity through Lithic's Bank portal and reporting.

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Following hot on the heels of our Java client library, we’re excited to announce our Kotlin client library