Gain unparalleled control and transaction speed

bank accounts

Authorization Stream Access (ASA)

Access real-time authorization streams that empower businesses to monitor and manage transaction approvals with speed and precision. Gain instant insights into transaction statuses, enabling swift decision-making and fraud prevention measures.

Automated Reconciliation

Embrace automation for seamless transaction matching and settlement. Automatically match transaction records from banks, payment gateways, and merchants, eliminating errors and discrepancies while saving time and resources.

Events API & Webhooks

Automate workflows, trigger alerts, and integrate seamlessly with other systems, unlocking new levels of efficiency and agility. From fraud detection to personalized customer experiences, possibilities are endless with customizable, event-driven architecture.

Reporting Suite

With integration capabilities and real-time data updates, you’ll never have to wonder where money is going. Enjoy a transparent, reliable system and exceed your sponsor bank’s expectations.

Enhanced Data

Capture additional transaction details beyond standard credit card processing data. Leverage L2/L3 data for enhanced visibility and industry-specific, line-item level detail in each transaction. Using this information, programs can launch novel card programs in fleet, healthcare, government, travel, and more.

Customized Authorization Decisioning

Apply custom authorization logic to accept or decline transactions in real-time, then modify and improve your logic on-the-go; layer on any of our readily available spend controls that fit your use case.

Direct-to-Network Reliability

Access Visa and Mastercard's latest technology and rich data streams via our direct connections which offer better reliability, flexibility, and fewer third party dependencies.

Complete Ledger Flexibility

Pair our gateway with your homegrown ledger, a third-party ledger, or use it in conjunction with our Lithic Core

Easy & Reliable Settlement Reporting

Settlement and interchange details for all transactions via the API. Easily create cash reconciliation and other reports for your bank, operations and finance teams.

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Following hot on the heels of our Java client library, we’re excited to announce our Kotlin client library