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Product Update: August 2022

Product Update: August 2022

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Welcome to our monthly product update, where you can learn about new features, company highlights, and upcoming releases.

In this update: a new Quick Start Guide, digital wallets in ASA, and end-to-end KYB testing in Sandbox. We also published several new resources to help with card program management.

🗓️ Reminder: we are releasing two breaking changes on September 27 that will require integration updates. Check out our guide to Lithic API changes or contact support for more details.

Product Highlights

Quick Start Guide: We published a Quick Start Guide in our API docs to facilitate faster onboarding and low-friction testing of our product. Using this guide, you can get to an MVP in under 20 minutes.

Digital wallet in ASA: Added the ability to view whether an authorization or transaction originated from a tokenized card and which digital wallet it originated from. This can be used to approve or decline authorizations based on whether the cardholder used a digital wallet, virtual card, or physical card.

End-to-end KYB testing in Sandbox: We introduced a new set of test cases in Sandbox that allow you to simulate creating account holders end-to-end with our KYB Basic workflow. With the provided test case data, you can simulate production behavior to see what accepted or rejected responses you can expect, along with associated webhooks.

Upcoming Releases

Cardholder authentication and liability shift: View whether a cardholder authentication decision made by 3DS network standin preceded an authorization or impacted a transaction. You can also view whether a transaction was liability shifted to the issuer.

Acquirer reference number: View the acquirer reference number of a clearing transaction to reference when filing disputes.

Flexible digital wallet card art: We will soon be releasing the ability to decide which card art should be displayed to a cardholder on digital wallets (in beta). You will be able to specify the desired card art at the point of card creation, and modify the card object to toggle which card art should be displayed.

New Resources

Guide to consumer card constructs: A primer on the various types of consumer card constructs you can launch and how they work.

Guide to card program management: Explains the differences between a managed program and a processor-only program. If you’re interested in managing your own card program, this guide will help you understand all the responsibilities and requirements.