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Introducing the New Lithic Dashboard

Introducing the New Lithic Dashboard

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Today we launched the new Lithic Dashboard, a tool for developers and cross-functional users to configure, monitor, and browse their card programs.

We heard from customers that they want more powerful, complementary tools that can handle the growing scale of their card programs and enable non-technical users to engage with those programs.

Our new Dashboard provides many of those tools, including:

  • Multi-user teams, with individual employee logins
  • Permission levels for those logins
  • Visibility into end users' cards and transactions
  • Improved search and filter functionality

Multi-user teams and permissions

As our customers grow, they’ll have more users that need to navigate their card programs. Our new multi-user functionality enables each user to login to their organization’s Dashboard separately.

But different users also need different levels of access, so we’ve enabled permission levels for logins. Team admins can use these permissions to manage what their teams can see (like card numbers) and what actions they can take (like creating cards).

View of Lithic Dashboard: multi-user accounts and permission levels

Improved card and transaction browsing

We’ve also made it easier to browse cards and transactions with new search and filter functionality. If you have end users, the new Dashboard now shows their cards and transactions.

Lithic Dashboard - Card Browsing Features
Lithic Dashboard - Transaction Activity

What’s next

This is only the first upgrade we’re making to the Lithic Dashboard. As we add features that make it even easier to issue, manage, and control cards, the Dashboard will evolve accordingly.

Not a Lithic user yet? Visit our docs or sign up to start issuing cards today.