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Introducing the Lithic Disputes API

Introducing the Lithic Disputes API

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Today, we’re launching the Lithic Disputes API, a new tool that enables customers to submit and manage disputes programmatically.

Dispute management is typically a highly manual and time consuming task for businesses. Between submitting disputes, tracking their progress, and managing refunds, the process can take up valuable time and resources.

Previously, our customers had to manually submit disputes and interface with a Lithic team member if they needed to check on a dispute's status. Now, customers can submit disputes, upload evidence, and receive updates on a dispute’s status at any time by calling the API or by using our Events API and webhooks. They can also use the API to submit dispute evidence files and systematically issue refunds to cardholders when a dispute is won.

This will streamline the dispute management process for our customers and provide them with greater visibility into disputes throughout the chargeback lifecycle. 

To learn more about how the chargeback process works, read our guide to chargeback management.

How the Disputes API works

To submit a dispute, customers can call the Dispute API and provide a transaction token, amount, and reason. Alternatively, customers can use our client libraries to submit disputes.

Once a dispute is submitted, our disputes team will review the submission, file the dispute with the card network, and manage the chargeback process on our customer’s behalf. Our team has an industry leading 96% chargeback win rate, so you’re in excellent hands.

The main schema for a dispute includes the information provided upon submission and helpful fields to provide insight into the dispute’s status and ultimate resolution. This information will be populated by Lithic as the dispute moves through the chargeback process.

    "amount": Integer,
    "created": String,
    "customer_filed_date": String,
    "customer_note": String,
    "primary_claim_id": String,
    "network_claim_ids": [
    "network_filed_date": String,
    "network_reason_code": String,
    "reason": String,
    "representment_date": String,
    "resolution_amount": String,
    "resolution_date": String,
    "resolution_note": String,
    "resolution_reason": String,
    "prearbitration_date": String,
    "status": String,
    "token": String,
    "transaction_token": String

You can also upload files to provide additional evidence for your dispute, increasing the likelihood of success.

    "created": String,
    "dispute_token": String,
    "upload_status": String,
    "upload_url": String,
    "token": String

Customers can receive real-time updates on the dispute’s progress by subscribing to the ‘dispute.updated’ event type in our Events API.

Get Started

Visit our docs to learn more about the Disputes API. If you’d like to participate in the beta, please notify your account manager or contact us at

We’re always interested in hearing from our customers. Please send us any questions or feedback to