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Disputes in Dashboard

Disputes in Dashboard

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Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Disputes in the Lithic Dashboard. Lithic customers can now submit Disputes in the Lithic Dashboard in addition to via the API.

With Disputes in Dashboard, your Support team has a powerful new tool to ensure users’ disputes are addressed quickly and compliantly. Disputes in Dashboard lets you:

  1. Manage disputes: Submit, modify, and withdraw your disputes and dispute evidence directly in Dashboard.
  2. Browse and export disputes: Browse your existing disputes in Dashboard and export them if you need to do a deeper dive.
  3. Stand up your program more quickly: Handle disputes through Dashboard when you launch and integrate with the Disputes API as you scale. Lithic Dashboard uses our own Disputes API, so switching to managing disputes via API is seamless.

As always, our goal at Lithic is to be the easiest and fastest way to issue cards. Stay tuned as we continue to build powerful, modern card issuing infrastructure.

To learn more about Disputes in Dashboard, check out our Disputes in Dashboard documentation.

Getting Access

All Enterprise customers can now access Disputes in Dashboard. Speak with your customer success manager to get full access.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at, schedule some time with your account manager, or ping us via your dedicated Slack channel.