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Lithic Events API and Webhooks Now Available in Beta

Lithic Events API and Webhooks Now Available in Beta

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Today, we’re launching our Events API and Webhooks, a powerful new tool to help customers manage webhooks and query for events across the Lithic platform.

As Lithic’s issuing capabilities continue to grow, we’ll send more webhook types, ranging from events related to digital wallet tokenization to those involving disputes or settlements. With the launch of Events, customers now have a unified interface for interacting with future events and managing where those events go.

Using the Events API

With Events, you can register and manage webhook URLs, replay webhook messages, control event subscription secrets, and query past events.

  • Register and manage webhook URLs: Use Events as a single interface for webhook URLs and subscribe only to the types of events you want to receive.

  • Replay webhook messages: If you miss some events (due to an outage, for example), just call the Events API to have messages resent.

  • Control event subscription secrets: Manage secrets for event subscriptions independent of your API keys for added security.

  • Query past events: If you weren’t previously listening for and/or storing some events, just query for them later.

The first event type we're making available via the Events API is digital_wallet.token_approval_request. This event will contain a host of metadata associated with each of your users' digital wallet tokenizations that you can use for improved fraud observability.

What’s Next

We’ll be adding several more webhook varieties throughout the year, including events related to digital wallet tokenization, dispute events, and settlements. We’ll also plan to send transaction webhooks via Events after it reaches general availability.

To learn more about the Events API, check out our docs or try creating an event subscription. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at We’d love to hear from you.