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Launch Templated Physical Cards 2-3X Faster

Launch Templated Physical Cards 2-3X Faster

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Today, we're releasing improvements that will enable customers to launch templated physical cards in just a week, a 2-3x improvement over traditional templated setups.

Two changes have enabled us to expedite our process:

  1. Leaner process: We’ve streamlined the way information is collected and handed off between our customers and the card manufacturers. We can now submit templates to our card manufacturer and they can fulfill cards using that template the next day. This means fewer errors and less back-and-forth between parties.

  2. Fewer decisions: We’ve reduced the number of decisions that need to be made. Customers can now choose among lightly customizable templates instead of creating card and carrier designs from scratch. These templates focus customization on key elements and standardize manual parts of the process that needed custom work (e.g., setting up custom logos on cards or deciding on the placement of text on the carrier).

This new approach eliminates the custom proofing process and design delays that can slow down your implementation timeline, making it easier than ever to get a physical card program off the ground.

While our templated option serves customers prioritizing speed to market, we’ll of course continue to support custom physical card programs.

Read our physical card setup guide to learn more about how to set up physical cards with Lithic.

If you have any questions or need help launching a physical card program, contact us at or speak to your Lithic implementation manager to learn more.