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Lithic Product Update: July 2022

Lithic Product Update: July 2022

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Welcome to our monthly product update, where you can learn about new features, company highlights, and upcoming releases.

In this update: cash back amounts in ASA, pre-release notes, and simplified card types. We also highlight several upcoming releases that will enhance Auth Stream Access and add end-to-end KYB testing in sandbox.

We also recently launched the Lithic Legal Library, an open repository of legal templates for card programs, as well as several new resources:

Product Highlights

Cash back amounts: We are now showing cash back amounts in Auth Stream Access. This will allow you to decision based on the amount of cash back request by a cardholder at the point of sale. Previously, only the total transaction amount was available.

Pre-release notes: In an effort to give you better visibility on any customer-facing changes that we’re introducing to the platform, we have started sharing pre-release notes in our changelog. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified of updates.

Simplified card types: To streamline the way you can create cards in the API, we’ve consolidated digital wallet and unlocked cards to a standard “virtual” card type. Use of “DIGITAL_WALLET” or “UNLOCKED” will continue to be supported as card types.

Upcoming Releases

September API Changes: We are releasing two breaking changes on September 27 that will require integration updates, with a Sandbox deploy for one of the changes coming first on August 30. Refer to our guide to Lithic API changes or contact our support team.

Quick Start Guide: We are adding a Quick Start Guide to our docs to help you learn the basics of how to use the Lithic API and get a feel for what it’s like to integrate with our product. Among other things, the guide will walk you through how to create a card, simulate a transaction, view transaction details, and fully customize authorizations.

End-to-end KYB testing in Sandbox: We’ll be introducing test cases in sandbox to allow you to simulate creating account holders with our KYB Basic workflow. You will be able to pass in test case data to trigger desired accepted or rejected outcomes and simulate production behavior.

Partial approvals: You will be able to return partial approval and purchase-only approvals. Partial approvals will allow cardholders to use remaining balances on their debit or prepaid card and split tender the remaining purchase amount. Purchase-only approvals will allow you to approve only the purchase amount, declining any cash back request.

Cardholder authentication and Liability Shift: In September, you will be able to view whether an authorization was preceded by, or a transaction impacted by, a cardholder authentication decisions made by 3DS network standin and whether a transaction was liability shifted to the issuer.

Digital wallet in ASA: In September, you will be able to view whether an authorization or transaction originated from a card token and which digital wallet it originated from. This can be used to approve or decline authorizations based on whether the cardholder used a digital wallet or virtual or physical card.