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Lithic Launches Go Client Library for Easier Card Product Development

Lithic Launches Go Client Library for Easier Card Product Development

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Today, we’re releasing our Go client library to make it easier for Go developers to access the Lithic API and build card products on our platform.

Our Go library enables you to perform a wide range of operations, including creating cards and accounts, registering webhooks, managing request timeouts, and handling errors efficiently.

Getting started with the Go client library

Install the go package:

go get -u ''

To use our Go library, import the package within your Go module using the following import statement:

import (
	"" // imported as lithic

For detailed information on usage, retries, and status, visit our Github repository. Please note that the package is still currently in beta, so we welcome and appreciate your feedback.

Lithic API client libraries

Lithic offers several other libraries to help reduce the time and effort required to build card products on our platform. To learn more, visit our documentation or click the below libraries.

Lithic also maintains an OpenAPI spec that you can reference.

Upcoming Libraries

We are currently working on a Ruby client library, as well as a Kotlin-specific package that includes coroutines, flows, nullable instead of optional, and nice builders for params. 

Our goal is to continue adding client libraries in order to make our APIs accessible to a wider range of programming languages. 

If you'd like to request a library in a specific language or have any feedback you'd like to share, please email us at You can also open an issue on Github if you have any questions, bugs, or ideas for improvement.