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Build Your Card Program Faster with the Lithic Node.js Client Library (Beta)

Build Your Card Program Faster with the Lithic Node.js Client Library (Beta)

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Our mission is to make it easier for anyone to build and launch card products. Today, we’re launching a server-side JavaScript client library that gives developers tools to build on Lithic even faster.

We’ve heard from many customers that it’s important to have API documentation that is well written and easy to navigate. This new library provides additional tooling that makes it easier to access and navigate the Lithic API, ramp up quickly, and build card products on our platform.

Build card products faster

One of Lithic’s core value propositions is that you don’t need a year and a ton of capital to get your card product off the ground. Our new client builds on that value by helping you integrate with Lithic faster and use our libraries to quickly perform common operations like listing cards. Our client will automatically build the request for you so you don’t have to build it yourself.

Overall, this will make your code cleaner and speed up your time to market.

Lithic helped us get up and running with live transactions in days instead of months. Enrollment only took a few minutes and the API was easy to integrate with.

Tam Ayers, CTO at TruNorth Global

Using our client, customers can execute a wide range of common operations including:

  • Listing cards and transactions with auto-pagination
  • Automatic retries with a short exponential backoff
  • Creating cards and accounts
  • Adding funding sources

Documentation for each method, request param, and response field are available in docstrings and will appear on hover in most modern editors.

To ship this to as many developers as possible, we decided to write the client in Node.js with Typescript because the language is widely adopted among developers and the most common language used by our customers.

We’re expanding to Python and Java next, and plan to add other languages soon.

Start building

To start building with our client, visit our GitHub page or take a look at our NPM package.

As with any beta product, you may encounter bugs. Please report any bug or issue you find to

We’ll be monitoring performance closely and incorporating your feedback, so any questions or suggestions you send us will be really appreciated.

Visit our docs or sign up to start issuing cards. No “contact sales” or MSA required.