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Product Update - May 2022

Product Update - May 2022

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Welcome to our monthly product update, where you can learn about new features, company highlights, and upcoming releases.

In this update: Python client library launched, preview of upcoming releases, and Startup Search featured us on their list of Top 30 Fintechs 😎.

We’re working on several guides to help you build better card programs. Our latest guide dives deep into Chargebacks. If you have any topics you’d like us to tackle, send us a note!

Product Highlights

New Python client library: Launched our second client library in Python to help more developers build quickly on our platform.

Company Highlights

Startup Search Fintech List: Lithic was featured on Startup Search’s fintech list of “next generation of financial trailblazers.” Based on interviews with industry experts, the list features the top thirty fintechs are likely to be the “cream of the crop.”

Upcoming Releases

Decisioning on credit authorizations: We will be adding refund authorizations to ASA for customers who want to be able to approve or decline refund requests or display pending refunds in customer statements before they clear.

ASA flag for digital wallets: We will be adding an indicator to ASA and Transactions to indicate when a transaction was processed via a tokenized (digital wallet or merchant tokenized) PAN.

Partial Approvals: We will be adding the ability to partially approve authorizations for customers using Auth Stream Access in Q2. This will allow cards with fixed balances (such as gift cards) to be applied to purchases when the purchase amount is greater than the balance on the card.

September API Changes: Reminder that we are releasing two changes on September 20 that may require integration updates. These impact the transaction schema and the transaction simulation endpoint.

Refer to the Guide to Lithic API Changes for more details and contact us for any support needed.