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Multi-Program Support in the Lithic Dashboard

Multi-Program Support in the Lithic Dashboard

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve updated our Dashboard to support multiple programs.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve expanded support for enterprise-scale customers, many of which have multiple card programs with Lithic.

With Lithic’s multi-program dashboard support, you can manage all your card programs easily and seamlessly from a single login. You can now:

  • Easily toggle among your different programs.
  • Invite team members to an individual program or your overall organization.
  • Create additional programs under your Organization.
  • Skip re-submitting KYB info for each new program. 

Read our documentation to get started managing your program with our new updated dashboard. 

Multi-Program Navigation

Easily manage all your programs from your Lithic Dashboard. Simply click the Program dropdown menu and select the program you want to navigate to.

Invite Team Members

We’ve made it so you can invite team members to either individual programs or your overall organization. 

Organization members can be added from Organization Settings in the dropdown from your profile icon. To invite a team member to an individual program, just click on Program Settings.

Create New Programs Self-Serve 

You can now create new programs yourself and skip submission of organizational KYB info. 

Just click “New Program” to get going and give your new program a name. 

Easily Grow Your Programs as Your Business Grows

At Lithic, if your card program succeeds, we succeed. We strive to make it easy to grow your programs and business.

Learn more about managing multiple programs with the updated Lithic Dashboard or reach out to our team to learn more today.