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Network Risk Scores for Improved Fraud Monitoring and Prevention

Network Risk Scores for Improved Fraud Monitoring and Prevention

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We are excited to announce the launch of Network Risk Scores, a tool that gives you access to advanced risk scoring solutions from our card network partners to determine the likelihood that a transaction is fraudulent in real-time. These scores can be used to create better authorization decisioning logic in order to help prevent fraud and reduce chargebacks.

Ultimately, we believe this data will enable you to better identify fraud risk patterns.

How Network Risk Scores Work

Our card network partners offer proprietary risk scores based on thousands of data points, including transactional data, behavioral patterns, and predefined rules. The risk score is meant to indicate the likelihood of a transaction being fraudulent. 

Lithic receives the score from the network during authorization, and we pass it along to Lithic customers in real-time via our Auth Stream Access product. From there, Lithic customers can use the risk scores to fine-tune their authorization logic and make more informed decisions about whether to approve or decline a transaction. 

We suggest that Lithic customers block transactions above a certain threshold and apply more stringent checks to transactions with a mid-range score.

Availability and Pricing

Today, risk scores are only available to Lithic customers on Mastercard BINs via our Auth Stream Access product. No additional action is needed to enable this functionality.

This feature is priced at $0.0025 per transaction, and we pass this cost straight through from our network partner without any additional markup. These costs appear in your monthly bill under network fees.

If you want to start incorporating risk scores into your authorization logic, visit our ASA documentation to learn how to ingest and process the new data field.

Getting Started

We are excited to see how you leverage our Network Risk Scores data field. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at, schedule some time with your account manager, or ping us via your dedicated Slack channel.