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Peach and Dwolla to Join Our Integration Partner Program

Peach and Dwolla to Join Our Integration Partner Program

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Last month we announced Lithic’s Integration Partner Program, meant to help our customers launch products faster when using the best fintech infrastructure providers in the market.

When we launched, our goal was addressing some of our most common use cases, like issuing cards against digital wallet balances, converting from crypto to fiat to enable card spending, and giving our customers the tools to build complete credit card products, including loan management and servicing.

The program launch prompted a terrific series of conversations with prospective customers and partners alike, and we’ve had the chance to go deep with a few more exceptional teams in the context of supporting shared customers.

Peach is an all-in-one post-origination lending platform that includes loan management, servicing, collections and compliance. Peach makes it surprisingly easy for fintechs and banks to launch even the most complex credit products, with the modern tech needed to service customers in an efficient and compliant way. Since Peach takes a similarly modular and API first approach as Lithic, building on Lithic + Peach is straightforward.

Dwolla powers sophisticated account to account payment solutions for businesses to collect, send and  facilitate payments across the ACH and RTP® networks. With Dwolla as an integration partner, customers can easily link a bank account and have a card issued that is linked to their Dwolla Balance, which is similar to a digital wallet. Balance-sourced transactions can then happen in real time, from your Dwolla Balance (digital wallet) to an attached bank account or debit card.

We believe that the future of fintech infrastructure is in modular, interoperable APIs. And with Peach and Dwolla as Lithic Integration Partners, we’ll be able to help more customers launch more quickly across a wider range of use cases.

If you’re thinking of building on Lithic, come talk to us about your use case and we’ll help you understand whether our Integration Partner Program might be able to help you launch faster. And if you’ve got a flexible, modular API-first solution, feel free to get in touch.