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Real-time Authorization Decisioning, Now Available in Sandbox

Real-time Authorization Decisioning, Now Available in Sandbox

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Lithic was built for innovative startups, fintechs, and brands to seamlessly launch their own payment card programs. Our developer-first approach focuses on making testing and building as easy as possible and delivering powerful functionality in a clean, intuitive, self-serve API.

Today, Lithic supports customers from over a dozen industries including Expense Management, Alternative Lending, Rewards and Incentives, and Digital Banking. Across the various use cases, one of the most beloved bits of functionality has been our Authorization Stream – rich payment data that we send clients in real-time as card transactions occur. Lithic has long supported flexible, granular controls over cardholder spending by allowing our customers to approve or deny transactions at authorization time. Today, we are excited to announce that Auth. Stream Access (ASA) is available in our sandbox and public docs, creating an even more self-serve experience for developers to build and test their card products.

As always, once Lithic customers configure their ASA webhook endpoint, they gain access to a host of transaction data. Merchant data such as ID, descriptor, and merchant category code (MCC), coupled with point of sale information, address verification service (AVS) data, and other key fields allow customers to create custom logic for real-time authorization decisioning.

We’ve seen customers do all sorts of creative things using Lithic’s  Auth. Stream Access (ASA). Some customers help enforce healthy spending habits in their user base by restricting spend to pre-approved MCCs or specific merchants. Some use ASA to reduce expense fraud on company-issued T&E cards. Others use it in a wholly different way to feed real-time alerts to their cardholders to improve their product UX. We can’t wait to see the innovative use cases that our community of developers and builders come up with next!  

If you’re looking to issue smart payment cards to streamline your business, check out our docs, or start building in our sandbox today.