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Announcing Secure Account-Linking And Streamlined ACH Transfers via Plaid

Announcing Secure Account-Linking And Streamlined ACH Transfers via Plaid

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At Lithic, our mission is to build a truly developer-first card issuing solution. By dramatically reducing friction and making card issuance more self-serve, Lithic has enabled fintechs, innovative startups, and brands from dozens of industries to launch their own payment card products.

Today, Lithic is excited to announce that we are doubling down on our commitment to building a first-class issuing experience for developers by partnering with Plaid. By connecting to over 11,000 financial institutions across the US, Canada, and Europe, Plaid’s platform powers the digital tools that millions of people rely on to improve their financial lives. This integration will help streamline ACH payments and card loads for Lithic API Issuing customers, who can use Plaid Link to instantly connect customer bank accounts to load funds or initiate ACH transfers.

Lithic’s new integration with Plaid helps our mutual customers maintain the highest levels of security and compliance. Instead of storing and transmitting sensitive data, such as account and routing number, a customer can simply pass a Plaid-issued token to Lithic. Lithic can then securely retrieve relevant details from an end-user’s linked financial account via Plaid. Plaid’s website provides more detail on the partnership, along with a guide to getting started with an integration.

Through our latest partnership with Plaid, we’re making it easier than ever for developers to deliver an exceptional customer experience while simultaneously ensuring the highest levels of safety and security.

If you’d like to learn how the Lithic + Plaid integration can help you seamlessly launch your own card program, check out our docs, or start building in our sandbox today.