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Introducing Tokenization Control

Introducing Tokenization Control

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Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Tokenization Control, a powerful and unique tool to combat digital wallet fraud.

Lithic customers can now choose to decision on tokenizations, just as they decision on transactions using Auth Stream Access. With Tokenization Control, you can:

  1. Decide how restrictive you want to be on digital wallet tokenizations. Add your own restrictions to stop fraudulent tokenizations upfront. Since fraud on digital wallet cards is generally not disputable with the card networks, those restrictions can help prevent unrecoverable fraud.
  2. Pass users’ contact info for 2FA in real-time. Make sure Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) codes are sent to users’ up-to-date addresses by passing contact info as they authenticate.
  3. Authenticate digital wallet users in your mobile app. Let your users complete digital wallet authentication by simply logging into your mobile application.
  4. Send digital wallet authentication codes to end users yourself. Customize language by end user or send messages from a familiar email or phone number by sending authentication codes from your own email address or phone number.

To learn more about Tokenization Control, check out our documentation or contact us.

At Lithic, we’re always looking for new ways to be the easiest and most flexible way to issue cards. Expect more unique card issuing capabilities as we continue to build powerful, modern card issuing infrastructure.

If you have any feedback on ways that we can improve our platform, please contact us at