Come build insanely fast issuing and change the game for payments

We started with a consumer product that reimagines the way people and businesses spend money online using ephemeral payment card numbers. In 2020 we launched an API on top of our transaction processing and core banking infrastructure. We made it available to other engineers, entrepreneurs, and creators through a simple, developer first API that is now used by some of the most innovative startups, fintech companies, and neobanks.

Our Values

Be a good neighbor

Being a good colleague is like being a good neighbor. The best neighbors make each other feel welcome, proactively share helpful information, and act with courtesy.

To be a good neighbor…

— Mind your wake. Be mindful of second and third order consequences that may result from your actions. Shortcuts may save time in the immediate future, but can also rock someone else's boat down the line.

— Speak up. We want your voice to be heard, whether you agree or disagree. No idea is too small and all contributions are welcome.

— Stay humble. Be open to new ideas, know your limits, and ask for help. It's ok to change course when there's a better path. Embrace vulnerability, and lead through service.

Build a great neighborhood

At the core of a great neighborhood are relationships. By maintaining an accepting and inclusive workplace, we invite new and different ideas to improve our community, our company, and ourselves.

To build a great neighborhood…

— Create an inclusive environment. Be yourself and help others to do the same. Seek out different opinions and perspectives, and always make sure our environment fosters belonging.

— We're in this together. Success never rests on any individual member of our team. Through collaboration, we can build great things.

— Align on the vision. We're one team with one shared dream. Work hard to find the right direction to go, root for each other, and rally behind the decisions we make along the way.

Ask why, learn why

Our impact is greatest when we understand the motivations behind the things we do, and what's possible within the industry.

To ask & learn why…

— Seek to understand. Knowing how the pieces fit into the puzzle cultivates good judgement. The best decisions start with understanding what goals and biases are in play, and how potential outcomes will impact our customers.

— Ask questions. Question why, interrogate process, and gather the full scope of possibilities. If there's something you don't know, ask for help; we're all here for each other.

— Stay curious. Strive to keep learning, and don't ever rest in the belief that you have it all figured out. Remain open-minded and flexible; curiosity will always lead you to better understanding.

Empower others

At Lithic we share our knowledge to build leverage. When we empower others, we boost our collective potential and shorten the distance between ourselves and our goals.

To empower others…

— Give Help. Be quick to offer help when you see that someone needs it. The more we know, the more we can do and the further we can go.

— Go fishing together. Whenever possible, don't just show someone the way, walk it with them to ensure understanding. Fishing together is an investment in our future and helps everyone level up.

— Leave things better than you found them. Building a great company requires shared stewardship. If you're working on something new, document and share it. And if you see something that's broken or messy, fix it or clean it up.

Think like an owner

A company of owners is a company fully committed, where everything has a purpose and nothing is lost to the periphery. Owners recognize that the change required to achieve their goals is designed and built, not preordained.

To think like an owner…

— Be accountable. Lead by example, match actions to words, and welcome feedback. Embody and protect excellence in everything you do.

— Spend wisely. Time, money, and stamina are our most precious resources; prioritize relentlessly when deciding how to spend them. It's sometimes necessary to say no to things in the pursuit of focusing on your goals.

— Care. Bring your whole self to work and check cynicism at the door. Care for others and take care of yourself.

Do the thing

We have ambitious dreams as a company and we don't plan to stop pushing the envelope anytime soon. To realize these dreams, we must take necessary actions and sometimes make hard calls.

To do the thing…

— Exercise agency. Be a driver, not a passenger. Recognize and leverage your power to act in every situation. Work relentlessly within, around, or despite constraints in the pursuit of progress.

— Push to grow. Set enterprising goals and never stop pushing towards them. When we aim high, missing can still leave us in a better place.

— Take action. Ideas don't count if they don't get done. Execute, no matter the obstacle.

Values help us focus our vision and align ourselves with one another. It also gives a clearer meaning to our work.

— Susan Xu, Disputes and Operations
Susan xu


Competitive Comp & Equity

There are big things in our future, so we include equity in all of our full time offer packages because we want every employee to feel tied to what we're working towards.


We want you to bring your best self to work everyday and a huge part of that is making sure you take time off to recharge.


We're an early stage start up, but we're thinking long term, and our matching program will help you save for the future.


Since we were founded, we've supported our employees in working from wherever they need to be. We Slack a lot, just ask our 1,000+ custom emojis.

3% Cashback

If you're working here, we hope you believe in our product, and you may as well have some extra benefits while using it.


Making sure our team is healthy and cared for is important to us. We support you and your family with full vision and dental coverage, and contribute to health insurance costs.


This goes back to supporting our teammates as whole people, not just employees. We offer 12 weeks of paid family leave for new parents, and for other family support reasons.

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