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Lithic Launches Java Library for Easier Card Product Building

Lithic Launches Java Library for Easier Card Product Building

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Today, we’re releasing a Java client library that provides developers convenient access to the Lithic API for Java-based applications. The library makes it easier for Java developers to navigate our API and build card products on our platform.

The library allows you to execute a wide range of common operations including: 

  • Configuring custom URLs, proxies, and transports
  • Automatic retries with a short exponential backoff
  • Listing transactions with auto-pagination
  • Creating cards and accounts
  • Adding funding sources
  • Request timeouts
  • Error handling

This marks our third API library. Our goal is to make our APIs accessible to a wider range of programming languages and to reduce the amount of time and effort required to build card products. This is one way we live up to our goal of building a card issuing platform that’s specifically designed for the needs of developers.

Visit our GitHub page to start building with our Java library. Please note that the package is still currently in beta, so we welcome and appreciate your feedback.

Client Library Updates

We’ve also made updates to our Node.js and Python libraries in an effort to provide a smoother developer experience.

Additionally, we currently have two more client libraries in alpha, in Go and Ruby, and expect to have a Kotlin-specific package available soon. The package will include coroutines, flows, nullable instead of optional, and nice builders for params. So Kotlin developers, hold on tight!

If you want to help us in testing out any of these upcoming libraries, contact us at Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping our libraries and helps us decide what languages to add next, so we look forward to hearing from you.