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Lithic Product Update: February 2023

Lithic Product Update: February 2023

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Welcome to the February product update! This month, we released our Events Platform, faster templated physical cards, and transaction object improvements. Let’s dive in!

Product Highlights

Events Platform: We launched our Events API and Webhooks, a unified interface to interact with the new events and webhooks we’re releasing in the coming months. With Events, you’ll be able to register and manage webhook URLs, replay webhooks, manage event subscription secrets, and query past events. Visit our docs for more info.

Faster templated physical cards: We’ve introduced significant improvements that will allow you to launch templated card programs in just one week – twice as fast as previously possible. Our new process uses lightly customizable templates and eliminates steps that can lead to errors and design delays.

Transaction object improvements: We rolled out a few improvements to our transaction object that will give you better visibility into the transaction lifecycle. To view the latest fields we make available as part of the transaction object, visit our documentation.

Upcoming Releases

Disputes API: We're releasing a Disputes API that will allow you to submit a dispute and monitor its progress throughout the chargeback process.

HMAC verification in ASA: We plan to have HMAC verification added to ASA requests in Q2. This feature will allow you to use the dashboard to generate and rotate HMAC tokens that are unique to your ASA webhooks.