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Introducing Accounts and ACH

Introducing Accounts and ACH

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We're excited to announce that Lithic is going beyond cards with two new additions to our product line - Lithic's Accounts and ACH. Seamlessly integrated with Cards, this suite equips businesses with the tools to develop holistic payment solutions through APIs.

With Lithic, you can now:

  • Programmatically set up general-purpose accounts.
  • Simplify fund transfers. Pull in funds via ACH and disburse funds to cards via book transfers or to external bank accounts via ACH.
  • Settle Faster. Transact as late as 11:59PM ET for next-business-day ACH and access same-day ACH and instant book transfers.

Current customers are using our expanded payment infrastructure to power:

  • Rewarding loyal customers and employees through corporate incentives.
  • Streamlining payouts for clinical trials, contractor payments, class action settlements.
  • Facilitating hassle-free bill payments in sectors like healthcare.
  • Enabling trade financing and credit program payment collections.

At Lithic, our mission is to enable developer creativity and ingenuity with core payment primitives. Visit our ACH and Accounts product pages and read our documentation to get started in our Sandbox today.

Providing infrastructure that just works

Lithic was created in 2021 to solve our own problems around credit and debit cards for, our virtual card product that makes it easy to shop privately and securely online.

Over the last two years, as we’ve partnered with a range of customers on cards, we’ve seen first hand how stitching together accounts, money movement, and card issuing can be challenging. We built Accounts and ACH to radically shorten the timelines to building embedded financial products, making it feasible to launch in days.

Used with Cards, Accounts and ACH provide an end-to-end solution all within Lithic that just works. For customers looking to blend our offerings with in-house services or third-party vendors, we’ve still designed our products to be modular, which is core to our design philosophy.

Growing with Lithic

“Lithic has been a valued partner for years,” said Eric Smeby, Head of Engineering and Product at enables agencies and e-commerce brands to use virtual cards to control spend, earn cash rewards, and stabilize ad spend at scale. The company has grown with Lithic, starting from the earliest stages and to now serving brands that spend millions every month on digital advertising.

“With a suite of programs at our disposal, including the recent addition of Accounts and ACH, we’ve been able to create great card products for our customers. The weekly touch-points ensured that we stayed on course during the entire onboarding process.”

Getting started

To learn more, visit our ACH and Accounts product pages or read our documentation. These features are now fully available to all customers in Sandbox. If you’d like to integrate them into your product, contact us.