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Simple yet powerful tools to launch unique card products and create differentiated customer experiences
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Instant Issuance

Programmatically generate thousands of transaction-ready virtual cards by making simple API calls.

Card Printing

Leverage our card manufacturing relationships to programmatically issue and ship templated or custom physical cards directly to customers through our API.

Authorization Stream Access (ASA)

Make custom transaction approval decisions in real-time directly through the API webhook based on a number of unique data items.

Flexible KYC

Use Lithic’s pre-built KYC modules, or bring your own KYC. Lithic works seamlessly with your existing KYC set-up.

Static and Dynamic Spend Controls

Apply spend controls at the transaction, cardholder, and account levels to restrict volume, merchant categories, geos, etc.

Data Insights

Utilize real-time transaction data to build insights for your business users or push notifications for your cardholders.

PCI Ready

Protect customers’ info by using Lithic’s PCI-compliant iframe solution, and reduce your own PCI DSS requirements.

Connect to External Funding Sources

Use the funding source that works best for your business: connect your cards to external balances or create accounts at our partner banks.

Ledger Agnostic Architecture

Connect Lithic's composable card issuing solution to any third-party ledger of your choice for maximum customizability and product flexibility.

Graduation Path

Take advantage of Lithic's program management and BIN sponsorship capabilities or bring your own sponsor bank and use Lithic's plug-and-play card issuer-processing platform.

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