Spend, Send, Sponsor

Disburse funds, streamline your payables, or create your own branded card program. See how Lithic's card issuing API could meet your business needs.
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Programmatically create virtual cards to complete all your merchant payments

Single use and merchant-locked cards for extra security.

Build new, scalable revenue streams through commercial interchange.

Leverage card metadata to streamline financial reconciliation and payment ops.

Online Travel
Media & Ad Buying
Buy Now, Pay Later

Disburse funds to end users and control their spending through Authorization Stream Access

Instant issuance of closed or open loop cards on Visa and Mastercard.

Replace ACH, checks, and cash with payment cards for faster, safer funds transfers and earn interchange revenue while you're at it.

Issue virtual, physical, and tokenized cards through a single integration.

Loan Disbursement
Incentives & Rewards
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Launch your own fully customized, branded card program

Take advantage of Lithic's BIN sponsorship and program management capabilities through our network of partner banks; OR bring your own sponsor bank and leverage Lithic's leading issuer-processor technology.

Make use of Lithic's integration partner ecosystem to build unique card programs on top of the world's best fintech infrastructure.

Corporate Cards

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