Why Lithic?

We offer the most flexible way to launch and run a card program. Our modular card issuing platform is built for maximum speed, customization, and scalability.
Built for Scale

Lithic processes billions in transaction volumes and our platform offers maximum scalability and reliability.

  • Easily connect Lithic’s composable APIs to your preferred solution providers
  • Use pre-built KYC modules or integrate with your own KYC provider
  • Make custom transaction approval decisions in real-time via our API webhook
  • Apply spend controls at the transaction, cardholder, and account levels to restrict volume, merchant categories, geos, etc.
  • Build an MVP in under 20 minutes
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Built for Developers

We built out our own issuer processing capabilities from the ground up specifically designed for the needs of developers.

Granular, data-rich network messaging
Authorization rules for Lithic stand in
Low latency authorization stream access
Simulation endpoints to simulate transaction scenarios
Transaction event webhooks
Intuitive and restful API with detailed documentation
Real-time, dynamic spend controls
API clients in multiple languages for faster development
Transaction risk scoring and expert-run fraud monitoring services
Prepaid balances
PCI DSS Level I and PCI-as-a-Service embedded iframe solutions
Settlement reporting API (coming soon)
Built-in KYC and KYB workflows
Detailed interchange reporting API (coming soon)
Digital wallet push provisioning
Chargeback management API (coming soon)
It’s easy for card issuing platforms to say they can offer tokenized cards or reconciliation data, but many offer sub-par experiences with unreliable settlement reports, opaque interchange data, poor experiences with digital wallet card implementations, and insufficient fraud data or spend controls. There, Lithic outshines the competition.
Matthew Garippa
Chief Business Officer at Order
Built for Flexibility

Whether you need a turnkey solution, a fully custom offering, or something in between, Lithic’s technology can flex to power your use case.

  • Card program managers who just need an issuer processor
  • Card issuers who need card program management services
  • Multiple issuing partner banks
  • Multiple card networks
  • Co-branded cards
  • Templated and custom designed physical and tokenized cards
  • Native and third-party ledgers and KYC solutions
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Built for Growth

We’re your long-term partner in growth, helping you with the tools and guidance needed to build and execute on your vision.

  • Specialized team for your implementation
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Regular product and roadmap updates
  • Support for a wide range of cards and use cases including consumer and commercial debit, consumer and commercial credit, corporate incentive cards, paycards, and fleet cards
  • Room to grow: take some or all program management components in-house as you grow